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Delivery Model

With the advantages of outsourcing now clear, we can now move to look at suggested models available to outsource web requirements. Essentially, we suggest two models of outsourcing. These are as follows:

Project Based
Dedicated Resource Deployment

The Project Based Model

The project based model we suggest is very simple. All you have to do is to pass on the requirements of your client to us (you may or may not give us the name or contact of the client) and we can send you our quote (say US$750).

You are free to charge whatever you want from your client (say US$4500). When the deal is through, you send us the project details and we complete the project for you.


The process we follow during the development stages keeps fully informed of the daily progress. At the end, you earn huge profits without having to employ a big team and without operational hassles.

Once our relationship gets rolling, we make profits through the regular projects you pass on to us and you make profits by simply bringing in new work, leaving the delivery to us.

The Dedicated Resource Deployment Model

The dedicated resource deployment model we suggest is also fairly simple. In fact, this model of ours enables you to take on projects on a large scale and have them delivered to clients across the Globe, from the India Production Centre by having their own dedicated team. In fact, we at Magnon will do everything, right from the appointment of "dedicated" resources to delivering projects.

This model of outsourcing would essentially ensure complete peace of mind for you - both in terms of appointing and engaging the resource and delivering projects on time.

Another significant advantage lies in the overall costs incurred by you. Effectively, this model allows you to keep your operating costs at a minimal and have high profitability ratios.