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Deployment and Process

The following is indicative of the development process followed at Magnon International. This kind of a process is followed for delivering to our outsourcing partners on a project-by-project basis. As you may understand, the process requires close coordination between the Client and the Creative and Technology Team at Magnon Interactive.

Stage 1: Project Initiation

The initial project briefing from the client is received and all aspects regarding user outreach, positioning, applications, content and design are finalized. Essentially, the sub-steps involved in this stage are:

Creative Brief
Keyword Research & Analysis
Application Structuring
Similar Website(s) Analysis
Content Finalization


Stage 2: Home Page Aesthetic Design

Once the creative brief is received, our Creative Associates get onto conceptualizing and structuring the design for your web page. We understand that this is the most critical phase of practical website development as it is the primary interface with the user; therefore our designers follow a 'zero-error' process for designing the page.

Approval of Web page Designs

After our designers have finalized the designs, it is sent across to you for approval. . If a client does not approve the initial designs; our creative designers go back to the drawing board to redesign the homepage Once the homepage is approved, our team initiates work on the sub-pages.

Stage 4: Static Content Gathering from the Client

Once the Homepage and Sub-page designs are frozen, we ask the client to give us the static content for the website. Static content usually includes About Us, Products/Services, Our Team, and Contact Us etc.

Stage 5: Static Page(s) Development

Once the client has given the content for the static pages, our designers merge the content and the visuals with the static web pages for the website.

Stage 6: Client Feedback / Suggestions

After the static content on the website is merged with the visuals / creative layout of the web page, the pages are sent for client feedback. Once the homepage and the sub-pages with content are approved, our Technology/Development Team takes over for developing the applications (if any) on the website.

Stage 7: Application Development & Integration

This particular stage involves our Technology Team which develops the required application for the website. Applications range from Shopping Carts to Currency Converters, from Administrator Control Panels to Easy-to-Use Content Management Systems depending on user's needs. Once the required application is developed, it is integrated onto the website for prototype testing.

Stage 8: Prototype Testing & Approval

Once the application is integrated onto the website, our Technology Associates begin the process exhaustively testing the application to ensure that it meets all customer requirements and that there are no 'bugs' which can, at a later stage, disrupt the functioning of the website in any way.

Stage 9: Beta Launch & Client Feedback

Once the client has approved the applications on the website, our team then makes a beta launch of the website with live functioning of the application(s).

Stage 10: Final Launch with SEO Initiation

After the beta launch has taken place, our Project Managers source feedback from the client and get the final changes incorporated (if any). Once the Client is satisfied with the changes on the website, our team makes the website live! After the website is made live! Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Team takes over to bring the site on top 20 listings on major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN etc.) on "Agreed Keywords".

Companies are making better and faster money through this model and we as an outsource company are ever increasing in confidence to take on and deliver more and more high-tech and quality intensive projects and make a footprint in this arena of global outsourcing.

All you now need to do is to send in your expression of interest by emailing us at and our Web Outsourcing Consultants will get in touch with you with more details.

After all Bill Gates once said and we quote "India has a fantastic pool of software professionals, the world needs to benefit from this."