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Internet Marketing

Have you ever wondered that companies spend billions of dollars on their e-marketing campaigns or promotion and are still not able to generate enough footfalls / quality traffic onto their website(s). The Internet is increasingly becoming highly complicated and demands businesses to strategize comprehensive e-marketing campaigns that would not only ensure regular traffic onto the websites but would also assist tremendously in brand building and business promotion.

We at Magnon International have the expertise of consulting, developing and implementing such campaigns that would have a far greater impact on your business, which you might not have experienced before. Marketing on the Web involves using the Internet as a medium to reach out to potential customers and sell goods / services.

With the advent of technology, Internet marketing has evolved significantly from text-based messages about the product / service to complete graphic-based advertising. Just like the physical world of business, web-based marketing and promotions comprises a mix of various promotional tools and techniques that, if utilized optimally offer a simple way around the web promotions maze.

Marketing a website entails the following:

Banner Advertising
A Web Banner is an object that displays a stationary or moving graphic and has an in-built hyperlink to the advertiser’s website. This form of advertising is most common on the Web and has the ability to initiate instance response from a prospective customer.
Rich Media
Earlier, businesses used audio, video and flash to augment their text-based messages for promotion. Today, Clients with our Creative / Technology Associates can together combine these elements to form a stimulating web-based presentation which raises the bar of consumer-company interactivity to a whole new level.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization is a set of methodologies used to improve the rankings of a website over a large network of Search Engine’s (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta vista etc.) and generate quality Traffic towards a website to increase reach / sales. There are some factors that are responsible for attaining the top rankings on Search Engine’s. Our

SEO Team can help you achieve top rankings for your website by consulting about how to increase the quality traffic and sales for your website promotion. We are also very focused towards the implication of White Hat SEO Techniques in our websites.

Employing organic search engine optimization (SEO) techniques can yield far more genuine results for you in the long-run and not to forget they are a lot more cost-effective as compared to pay-per-click campaigns. We would want to share our understanding and knowledge capital with you to showcase our caliber in this field.

Fundamentally, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) could be classified into two broad categories namely On-Page Optimization Services and Off-Page Optimization Services.

Link Exchange
A Link Exchange Program is a practice of exchanging links with other websites. Our Team has realized the fact that Search Engines have started favoring sites that have had more links and our consulting team would work with our Clients towards a comprehensive link exchange program.
Email Marketing
This is one of the best and easiest ways to market your business or business promotion and reach out to people. Email Marketing, a form of direct Marketing using electronic mail to be in touch or market products, services, updates etc to either existing or new addressees. The purpose of the email can be anything, be it simply telling about your business to existing and new addressees, or publicity of promotional offers / discounts, or just an email to build loyalty with existing clients and reminding your existence.
Pay Per Click (PPC)
This type of an Online Advertising Campaign for online promotion essentially involves advertisers to pay for the visitors to their website on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis. The client only pays when a user clicks on its ‘’Sponsored Link” and visits that particular website.
Affiliate Programs
An Affiliate Programme involves publishers who target advertisers in exchange for commissions on leads and/or sales generated
Viral Marketing
The Technology Associates in our company in partnership with clients will put to use tactics on the Web that will allow existing customers to tell other prospective customers about a product / service which they have enjoyed using.

Our company has implemented online marketing campaigns relating to business promotion for various clients successfully, which have had a substantial impact on their customer acquisition, retention and has led to dramatic increases in revenues and brand awareness.

Please contact us with our company to allow our Internet Marketing Consulting Team to understand your business requirements and develop and implement a powerful online marketing campaign for you along with techniques of promotion.

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Our Internet Marketing Promotion campaigns have helped our clients to expand their online business and promote their products/services effectively. For further information, please Contact Us or fill in the Request a Proposal form to allow our Consulting Team to understand your business requirements and chalk out a powerful online marketing campaign for you!