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Magnon Enhances Search Engine Optimization Services

October 31, 2008

Magnon has always come up with innovative ideas to provide finer services to its clients. We have tried to recognize the need of our clients and have made a few modifications to enhance our Search Engine Optimization Services.

1. We would now research on our client’s website and propose them “Recommendations for the website”, each month.

2. We also now analyse in more detail the traffic on the website, its source and goals that we achieve. The objective of this is to more closely monitor the ROI, on the spend on various online channels to promote the website.

The report which gives a comprehensive representation of results accomplished by our services. We have included “Top Traffic Sources” which categorizes the sources from which the website gets traffic, “Top Keywords of the website” which shows how many people used which keywords to reach the website, “Top Landing Pages of Website” showing the number of pages visited by people, Bounce Rate etc. These reports includes graphic as well as statistical data and is simplified so that it is easily understood. Subsequently after going through the report the customer knows all the areas that require modification to get the best results.

3. Clearly distinguish between the Onpage and Offpage SEO activities that we have performed and plan to perform each month.

4. Now on we also keep clients informed of what specific tasks are performed and what will be done in future months. This way we keep our clients aware of what they can expect in the months ahead.

This effort of Magnon has been commended by our clients which is another accomplishment for the company as we are strong believer in providing Valuable Services.

To know more about this service you could contact us for a free sample report.