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Magnon launches its monthly Newsletter Magnon Connect.

January 31, 2009

Like always we wanted to bring out something different through our newsletter, which will stand out from the regular normal Newsletters that you keep getting everyday. In Magnon Connect we presented a nice blend of knowledge (through articles on various topics related to the Internet / Digital Marketing) and also Connected the outer world with Magnon.

The articles impart the concept of Digital Marketing, the use of Internet as a marketing tool, research based articles on Internet Marketing, SEO, ROI, Website Design & development aspects, website Hosting etc.

You may ask how or what could be an article on Design? That’s a valid question. We all know that design is not restricted to only creativity. It’s about mixing creativity with latest technology to give it that extra edge and polished look.

Everyday, rather every moment there is a development in technology.Web2.0 has created a wave, but by the time people are aware of it, technology advances itself.

We all see beautiful websites and praise the creativity. Once the design is completed, Technology plays a vital role in the development of the website. Different software is used to bring up the website as a whole. So, we try to bring in picture the technical side also in our articles.

These articles become the USP of the Newsletter as they are written by us at Magnon and we being a leading Interactive Media Company, research on these and use our expertise. We all can learn the basics of Digital Marketing, but through research and experience we bring forward the concepts from a different angle, which probably we all know but tend to overlook. It works as a public forum and is open to discussions.

We have kept open the option of feedback on the articles, as they are also posted on our Blog where everyone is allowed to post their comments, views, thoughts etc. This way we are able to make an effective communication with those who take keen interest and are related to Digital Marketing.

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