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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Magnon’s SEO Campaign benefit me/my website?
SEO or Search Engine Optimization are techniques aimed at attracting focused and relevant traffic to a Website by getting it listed amongst the top few listings on the search engines on targeted keywords/Key phrases. We have spent over 8 years analyzing the search engine mechanisms and has identified over 250 parameters which could induce a positive effect on the search engine algorithms, which further help the website to surge higher up the ladder amongst the millions of other search results being showed up by a Google/Yahoo/MSN etc

It is always good to get engaged in a brainstorming session with the client to understand their business, service offerings, USP’s, competitive analysis including a SWOT, current consumer base, location of operations, aspirations in terms of attacking newer target markets, main competitors, amongst several other factors, so as to identify and come-up with a list of Key phrases that a probable interested internet surfer may search for while seeking similar services.

In fact, we have been able to promote a hotel website so much so that, their online sales superseded their offline brick and mortar sales model by quiet a margin. Read Our Testimonials.

If you would want to take our discussion forward, we would be pleased to share a SEO References document with you and show you a proof of concept.
How is Magnon’s SEO service offering different from the others?
Based on our domain knowledge and success ratio in promoting over 150 websites so far, we have been able to gain enough confidence in the field of SEO to call it as one of our USP’s. We take a very client-focused approach while devising an SEO campaign and always see driving real business value as our ultimate goal.

The most important difference is that there is a guarantee involved when it comes to showing you results for our SEO efforts.

We also have a payment structure especially devised to safe guard your interest.

Having worked with over 1000 clients, we have created a huge database of sites we exchange links with across several categories, which gives a substantial leverage to every new client we work with.
How can I guarantee top listings for my site on major search engine’s like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc?
Hand your website over to a professional and experienced organization like us and we shall ensure that your website is listed on targeted Key phrases which would help attract and drive relevant traffic.
What should be the ideal Key phrases to promote for new website?
It may not be wise to actually start competing with such websites to start with by putting in all our efforts in this direction.

Our strategy is essentially to work on a model where the objective is first to get the website crawled well by search engines (the site shows up on top on at least a few key phrases first) and hence we would suggest using the simpler keywords (read lower traffic) but relevant ones to do so. Once the website has been crawled we hope to get a reasonable Google Page Rank with in a few months. Post this in the next phase we could begin the

SEO on the next level of keywords (read higher traffic), which are around/related to the keywords that the website would already be ranking well on by then.. And then a few months after that.. the next level.. and so on.. till we are the best on the Internet!

How are Organic Listings more effective than Sponsored Listings?
We recommend Organic Listings to Sponsored listings as a parallel and first simply because of the following main reasons:

Higher ROI through SEO
Minimal chances of ‘wasting money’
Organic Listings offer long-term benefits as they can be sustained at a much lower price recurring cost.
How is my interest safeguarded while I choose a service provider?
Several companies offer SEO as a service, but it becomes difficult to compare an apple to an apple. The following parameter should be judged

Past track-record and experience in this domain which can be seen by seeing the past end results that any company has delivered.
A result-oriented SEO Model offered by the company with a long term perspective
Client-focused payment structure, intended towards safeguarding your interest

We pass on all of the above criterions, you could get in touch with us and we could elaborate with more information on this.
How do I get started?
Click here and get in touch with us!